Our services


ME Consult provides comprehensive consulting services that ensure appropriate design, preparation and execution of clean energy, agriculture, rural development and climate projects, in developing and transitional economies. ME Consult specializes in enabling these types of programs by providing technical assistance to financial institutions and other relevant stakeholders such as clean energy suppliers, governmental institutions, etc. For this, ME Consult combines its unique engineering and finance expertise in linking clean energy technologies with financial products to meet the needs of the BoP, committing to the achievement of the SDGs.



In economically challenging regions with poor infrastructure, on behalf of financial institutions, energy product & service providers and international development agencies, ME Consult develops inclusive business models for rural, peri-urban and urban communities, to enable access to clean energy technologies, finance and entrepreneurship, rural development, agriculture and climate change strategies.

Along the entire project cycle, ME Consult undertakes scoping and feasibility (desk and field) studies, need assessments, market studies, policy and stakeholder analysis, project planning and implementation, and monitoring and evaluation, among others.



ME Consult offers systematic and practical trainings in the fields of decentralized energy supply, clean energy and climate change to various audiences such as policy makers, project developers, financial institutions, donors and investors. ME Consult adapts theory and methodologies from social and natural sciences to deliver actionable insights to the practitioners’ community.

ME Consult trainings are delivered through a variety of practice-oriented learning methods which are always tailored to the region of the trainees, adapting the content with regional and country-specific examples. Trainings are also customized for specific needs or requirements and in methodology, desired time or target audience.



ME Consult advises entities on the development of holistic strategies in the areas of inclusive energy access, rural development and climate change for low-income populations. Its approach enables strategies ranging from market development, market entry to scaling up, commercialization and replication.

ME Consult also develops and evaluates policy designs for households and micro, small and medium sized enterprises. It cooperates with policy makers, investors, donors and international institutions to promote bottom-up participatory approaches and keen sensitivity to local contexts within policy design and implementation.



Effective monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment are key to enabling the definition of strategies for replication and scale-up of any project and/or activity. ME Consult offers systematic monitoring and evaluation services to identify areas of improvement, lessons learned and critical success factors in the dissemination of clean energy technologies, rural development, agriculture and climate change related projects.

For energy access projects, ME Consult tracks progresses through the Progress out of Energy Poverty Index, an innovative tool that supports entities in identifying, measuring and monitoring access to electricity and cooking at household level over time based on the multi-tier framework.