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Transforming electricity access by replacing back-up generators with solar systems: Recent trends and evidence from Nigeria
G.Heinemann, F.Banzer, R.Dumitrescu, C.v.Hirschhausen, M.E.Neuhoff, V.Ogechi Nwadiaru
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 157, April 2022, 111751
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Prosumer Empowerment through Community Power Purchase Agreements:
A Market Design for Swarm Grids.
Dumitrescu, R., Lüth, A., Weibezahn, J., Groh, S.
Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, 11(1), 127-144
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Analytics on Pricing Signals in Peer-to-Peer Solar Microgrids in Bangladesh
Sebastian Groh, Eshrat Waris, Annette Werth, Christian Zürpel
Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, Vol. 11, No. 1
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Baseline Study of Solar PV Market in Nigeria
D. Braide, Z. O. Sulaiman, H. Kabir, D. Majumder, J. Holzigel, N. Kebir, T. Ugbor and G. Chauhan, for the Nigerian Energy Support Programme, Standards Organisation of Nigeria and Federal Ministry of Power, Abuja, July 2021.                                                                                                                 Read online.

Assessment of Solar PV Component Standards, Certification and Testing Facilities in Nigeria
D. Braide, Z. O. Sulaiman, D. Majumder, H. Kabir, T. Krebsbach, H. Peters, N. Kebir, T. Ugbor and G. Chauhan, for the Nigerian Energy Support Programme, Standards Organisation of Nigeria and Federal Ministry of Power, Abuja, July 2021.                                                                                              Read online.

Operation and Maintenance Plan and Glossary for PV Systems
Raluca, D., Daniel, P. for GIZ ESDS and in collaboration with UNHCR
Energypedia, 15 July 2021.
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Business model innovations addressing environmental sustainability and circularity: Case Studies
MEI, Efficiency for Access, Low Energy Inclusive Appliances, Endeva
February 2021.
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The power of thinking small and solar
Groh, S.
The Daily Star, 11 May 2017.
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Lessons Learnt from Designing PSS for Base of Pyramid
López, A., Musonda, F., Sakao, T. and Kebir, N.
Procedia CIRP, 61, pp.623-628.
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Memorias: Conferencia MES 2016 – Acceso Universal a la Energía en América Latina.
MicroEnergy International,
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The PSS Quality Framework for Solar Home Systems
Kebir, N.; Philipp, D.
Energy Procedia, ELSEVIER 2016
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CASE STUDY: Analysis of Energy Access for the Development of a Progess out of Energy Poverty Index (PEPI) for the Microfinance Industry – Field Research at CONTACTAR, Colombia
Realpe Carrillo, N.

The Success of Solar Diesel Minigrids in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Sandwip Island
Aziz, S.; Chowdhury, S.; Groh, S.
Energy Procedia, Volume 103, December 2016, Pages 316-321
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Data Services for Real Time Optimization of DC Nanogrids with Organic Growth
Magnasco, A.; Kirchhoff, H.; Chowdhury, S.; Groh, S.
Energy Procedia, Volume 103, December 2016, Pages 369-374
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Against the Odds: The Potential of Swarm Electrification for Small Island Development States
Koepke, M.; Groh, S.
Energy Procedia, Volume 103, December 2016, Pages 363-368
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Developing mutual success factors and their application to swarm electrification: microgrids with 100 % renewable energies in the Global South and Germany.
Kirchhoff, H., Kebir, N., Neumann, K., Heller, P. and Strunz, K.
Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 128, 1 August 2016, Pages 190-200.
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The PSS Quality Framework for Solar Home Systems.
Kebir, N.; Philipp, D.
Energy Procedia, Voulme 93, August 2016, Pages 168-173.
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A response to – Bringing electricity to more Bangladeshis
Groh, S.
The Daily Star, May 28, 2016
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Renewable energy currency
Conference: Applied Energy Symposium and Forum: Renewable Energy Integration with Mini/ Microgrid (REM2016), At Maldives
Groh, S.; Philipp, D. ; Dumitrescu, R.; Piela, F.
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Developing Innovative Financial Inclusion Mechanisms by Fostering Green Microfinance – The Case of Two Ethiopian MFIs
Realpe Carrillo, N.; Kahlen, L.; Daykova, M.
Working paper series – African Microfinance Week: Accelerating Research on Innovations for Rural Financial Inclusion in Africa, Pages 51-57
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Assessing Green Microfinance: Qualitative and quantitative indicators for measuring environmental performance
Realpe, N.; Pierantozzi, A.; Allet, M.; Schuite, G. J.
The European Microfinance Platform, e-MFP Microfinance & Environment Action Group, November 2015
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The role of microfinance in energy access: changing roles, changing paradigms, and future potential
Groh, S.; Taylor, H.
Enterprise Development and Microfinance, Volume 26, Issue 4, Pages 307-324
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Off-grid rural area electrification through solar-diesel hybrid minigrids in Bangladesh: Resource-efficient design principles in practice
Chowdhury, S.; Aziz, S.; Groh, S.; Kirchhoff, H.; Leal Filho, W.
Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 95, 15 May 2015, Pages 194-202
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Value Chain Thinking and Energy Projects – A Problem-Centered Value Chain Approach to Energy Based Upgrading of Rice Farmers in the Philippines
Beerman, H.; Dornberger, U.; Sebitosi, B.; Groh, S.; van der Straeten, J.
Decentralized Solutions for Developing Economies, Springer Proceedings in Energy, Pages 109-122.
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How to Scale up Green Microfinance? A Comparative Study of Energy Lending in Peru
Carrillo, N.
Decentralized Solutions for Developing Economies, Springer Proceedings in Energy, Pages.141-151.
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The Case for Solar-Diesel Hybrid Minigrids in Bangladesh: Design Considerations
Groh, S.; Aziz, S.; Chowdhury, S.
Decentralized Solutions for Developing Economies, Springer Proceedings in Energy, Pages 65-78
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What are we measuring? An empirical analysis of household electricity access mectrics in rural Bangladesh
Groh, S.; Pachauri, S.; Narasimha, R.
Energy for Sustainable Developmen, Volume 30, February 2016, Pages 21-31
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The Role of Access to Electricity in Development Processes: Approaching Energy Poverty through Innovation
Groh, S.
PhD Thesis, Department of Development and Planning, Aalbord University, Denmark
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Development of a heuristic algorithm to design stand-alone microgrids for rural electrification projects considering distributed generation
Canizares, F.; Kirchhoff, H.; Gomis, O.; Ranaboldo, M.
MicroEnergy Systems Annual International Conference 2015 – Practitioner Proceedings
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Mini-grids and Hybrid Systems
Yearbook 2014  – Energy for Sustainable Development
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Financing Green Growth
Green Financial Policies in Emerging and Developing Countries
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The role of energy in development processes—The energy poverty penalty: Case study of Arequipa (Peru).
Groh, S.
Energy for Sustainable Development, Volume 18, February 2014, Pages.83-99.
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The Synergy of Financial and Energy Inclusion
Groh, S.
Microcredit Summit Campaign. Washington.
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Taking a Micro-Perspective on the global challenge of climate change: The Microenergy Systems research approach focus at the Technische Universiät Berlin
Van der Straeten, J.; Friederici K.; Groh, S.
Chapter International Perspectives on Climate Change, Part of the series Climate Change Management, Pages 135-149
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Exploring Energy SME Financing in Emerging and Developing Countries
Sustainable Business Institute. Oestrich-Winckel.
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A Practitioner’s Outook on the Debate: Why Green Microfinance, and if so, How?
Carrillo, N.
UMM Thematic Paper: Understanding the Challenges: New Insights from Practice & Research on Mobile Banking, Remittances and Green Finance, Chapter: Green Microfinance, e-MFP University Meets Microfinance Action Group, Pages.43-48
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The Synergy Potential of Financial and Energy Inclusion
Groh, S.
The Center for Financial Inclusion. Washington.
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Swarm Electrification – suggesting a paradigm change through building up microgrids bottom-up
Groh, S.
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Interdisciplinary Approach for the Analysis of Microenergy Systems: Introduction to Product Service System Design


Introduction to Layer Method and Application on Microenergy Systems
International Conference on Engineering Design

Development of a Certification Process for Microenergy Systems
Kebir, N.
Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftlichen Fachbetrieb
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Certification of Microenergy Systems
Symposium Small PV-Applications


The MicroEnergy Certificate
GTZ Hera Cooking Energy Compendium; Opportunities & Challenges in Microfinancing Improved Cooking Stoves


Grameen Shakti – Microfinance and Renewable Energies for Rural Development
Magazine BANA
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Microloans finance High-Tech
Magazine DAAD Letter –  No. 3/2006

Small Loans for Big Goals
Magazine Stachlige Argumente

Chapter Activation and Empowering
Solidarität die ankommt!

Energy and Development
Magazine Wissenschaft & Frieden

Escape from the Ivory Tower
Biwifo report, Verdi –  No. 04/2006


What Energy does Development need
Magazine Sonnenenergie Ausgabe 05

Electrification in Senegal
Magazine Sonnenenergie Ausgabe 04

Regional Development Potential of Production and Implementation of Renewables under Technical and Economical Aspects
Center for Cooperation – TU Berlin

Chapter – Grameen Shakti: Financing Microenergy in Bangladesh
Limits to privatization“; Report to the „Club of Rome“


Opening New Markets with Adapted Renewable Energy Systems and Microfinance. Kebir, N.; Philipp, D.
Proceedings Global Conference on Sustainable Product Development and Life Cycle Engineering Berlin,

JobIng – New Ways of Studying
Magazine TU Intern Nr. 12

Renewables for Everyone
Magazine Forum Umwelt & Entwicklung , Rundbrief Nr. 1/2004

How Bangladeshi Tigers Tank Sun
Magazine Sonnenenergie Ausgabe 05

Renewables for a Small Price
Magazine Der Rabe Ralf Ausgabe Juni/Juli 2004


High-Tech on Stroh Roofs
Magazine „TU Intern Nr. 7-9 Juli 2003