Natural & Environmental Resource Management


Today, humanity uses the equivalent of 1.6 planets to provide us with resources. The increasing worldwide demand and its undeniable impact on our environment adds a new dimension to the significance of Natural & Environmental (N&E) Resource Management. Water supply is jeopardized, while overfishing, deforestation and mining are slowly leading to a serious deterioration of living conditions, the first victims being developing countries. Dealing responsibly with our resources is therefore one of the main challenges the future industry and society has to face.

ME Consult contributes to the sustainable usage of N&E Resources by engaging in projects dealing with Waste Management, Water & Sanitation and Nature & Biodiversity. For instance, we enable local stakeholders to recycle organic waste and reuse its biomass for basic needs such as biogas generation for cooking or organic fertilizer production. To reduce water shortage, ME Consult is engaged in projects promoting sustainable water management such as drop irrigation for agriculture though solar water pumps. By conducting these projects, ME Consult is not only contributing to increase the quality of life for the BoP, but also preserves the natural and biological diversity we still have today.