Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation


Climate change is an issue that nobody this century can ignore. It is objectively unfair, as it has been mostly caused by the intensive use of energy and resources which have not previously benefited the most low-income parts of the world – who are the ones most affected by its impacts.

To contribute to the global strive to successfully manage climate change, ME Consult offers strategic and operational advisory in a number of areas, including climate strategy development and deployment; carbon accounting, management and reporting; emission reduction project development; climate and carbon finance; supply chain climate proofing/climate risk management. By enabling timely climate risk management and opportunity management, ME Consult enables its clients and beneficiaries to stay ahead of market developments and be the leaders of both today and tomorrow.


Selected revelant projects:

MikroKlima, in Central Asia

MEI is conducting a research project on the potential of microfinanced renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions for the mitigation and adaptation to climate change in Central Asia.