Clean Energy Technologies


The reliance of more than 1 billion people worldwide on solid biomass and fossil fuels to satisfy energy needs is a pressing obstacle hindering the economic growth of developing countries and the improvement of local socio-economic conditions. In addition, if the externalities of such reliance are accounted, their negative impacts worsen even more the livelihood of families and productivity of SMEs. This severe situation is a call for effective and prompt actions. For this reason, ME Consult is strongly committed to achieving the SDG 7 by 2030 ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services, through clean energy technologies (CETs).

At ME Consult, we believe that access to financial services and the in-depth understanding of the local contexts are crucial factors to ensure the triple bottom line impact. Therefore, ME Consult leverages its on-the- ground expertise, end-user centric approaches and extensive track record in implementing financial mechanisms, for the design of effective solutions to facilitate the access of households and MSMEs to appropriate CETs. Furthermore, ME Consult assists and connects national and international stakeholders in the sustained development of the local environment for the adoption and dissemination of CETs.


Selected related projects:


Scaling-up Cookstoves NAMA in Colombia
The NAMA project aims at designing innovative business models for SMEs fostering entrepreneurship and bolstering the formation of strategic alliances amongst the actors involved in the value chain of improved cooking stoves in Colombia. The business models are based on innovation and sustainability and integrate financial and fiscal mechanisms, therein strengthening the value chain.