Clean Energy Finance


The implementation of businesses in economically challenged regions with poor infrastructure is generally considered a high-risk and low-profit investment. As a result, those very regions which need investment the most are also the ones struggling to attract it.
As an expert in this field, ME Consult is in a key position to assess risks and identify investment opportunities. MEI analyses, designs and evaluates financial instruments that address both the capital needs of the business sector, the end-users and the requirements of impact investment. MEI provides the financial expertise necessary to help the target market growth in a sustainable manner and improve the investment climate, with the ultimate goal of changing the quality of life of people around the world, by linking financial access with energy access.


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Introduction of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Lending, in Cambodia

MEI is assisting the microfinance institution PRASAC Microfinance, on behalf of its funder GCPF, in enhancing existing and improving its offers in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector.