Agricultural & Rural Development


Around 46 % of the world’s population live in rural areas, mainly producing the food for all of humanity. Despite a growing population, the share of rural settlers decreases steadily, known as the rural-urban migration. The major reason for this movement is the stark difference between the livelihood and chances for a good life that cities can offer vis-à-vis villages. Lacking infrastructure such as energy, chances for higher education, increasing problems with soil fertility, clean water access or other resources are among the main drivers.

ME Consult assists organizations and communities to work towards more sustainable livelihoods in rural settings in order to maintain a healthy population base working in the agricultural sector. It is one of ME Consult’s main goals to provide people with market-based options that can improve the way they plant, grow and harvest and process their products more productively. Energy is one of the crucial factors to improve productivity, e.g. in the form of pumping power, on-farm equipment or to run processing facilities. However, ME Consult looks at the overall value creation and promotes long-term, integrated strategies that help people improve living conditions on and off the farm, apart from mere technological improvements.