Our ongoing projects:


MikroKlima, in Central Asia

MEI is conducting a research project on the potential of microfinanced renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions for the mitigation and adaptation to climate change in Central Asia.


Clean Energy Promotion through Microfinance, in Ethiopia

The CEPM project initiates an innovative and replicable mechanism to finance clean energy technologies for households and small and middle size enterprises through a microcredit financing mechanism with three Ethiopian microfinance institutions. In addition, the project studies ways to further scale-up clean energy technologies usage through innovative finance mechanisms.


Introduction and Enhancement of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Lendings, in Cambodia

ME Consult was commissioned to assist the Microfinance Institution PRASAC Microfinance, on behalf of its funder GCPF, in enhancing existing and improving its offers in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector.


All other projects in: